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What is the role of ScriptManager in Ajax?

ScriptManager class is the heart of ASP.NET Ajax. Before elaborating more on ScriptManager, note that ScriptManager is class and a control (both) in Ajax.

The ScriptManager class in ASP.NET manages Ajax Script Libraries, partial page rendering functionality and client proxy class generation for web applications and services. By saying client proxy class, this means an instance of the Ajax runtime is created on the browser.

This class is defined in the System.Web.Extensions.dll. You will find this DLL in your system's Global Assembly Cache at C:\Windows\Assembly (For XP)

The ScriptManager control (that we may drag on a web form) is actually an instance of the ScriptManager class that we put on a web page. The ScriptManager manages all the ASP.NET Ajax controls on a web page. Following tasks are taken care by the ScriptManager class:

1 - Managing all resources (all objects/controls) on a web page
2 - Managing partial page updates
3 - Download Ajax Script Library to the client (means to the browser). This needs to happen so that Ajax engine is accessible to the browsers javascript code.
4 - Interacting with UpdatePanel Control, UpdateProgress Control.
5 - Register script (using RegisterClientScriptBlock)
6 - Information whether Release OR Debug script is sent to the browser
7 - Providing access to Web service methods from the script by registering Web services with the ScriptManager control
8 - Providing access to ASP.NET authentication, role, and profile application services from client script after registering these services with the ScriptManager control
9 - Enable culture specific display of clientside script.
10 - Register server controls that implement IExtenderControl and IScriptControl interfaces.

ScriptManager class' EnablePartialRendering property is true by default.
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